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It is up to all of us to create a low carbon, climate resilient community, and support climate justice.

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Fridays for Future

Join or support local youth calling for climate action. Connect to Fridays for Future Greater Sudbury.

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Find resources to learn, act, and connect at the Main Library on Mackenzie.

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Over to You

Share your actions on Greater Sudbury's #NetZeroGreaterSudbury Over to You page.

Be part of a net zero Sudbury

In 2019, the City of Greater Sudbury declared a climate emergency and committed to achieving net zero by 2050.

All of us are needed to succeed.

The climate emergency requires not only individual actions, but the systemic changes that support all of us in living sustainably.

Climate justice recognizes that not everyone is impacted equally by the climate emergency, and supports everyone’s rights, safety, health, homes, and livelihoods as we transition to a low carbon society and adapt to climate impacts. Climate justice addresses the root causes of the climate emergency and supports new regenerative, caring, and reciprocal systems.  There is no climate justice without Indigenous rights and leadership, and without social and racial justice.