Climate Justice Corner

Let's create a more sustainable, resilient, vibrant, inclusive and equitable community together.

Come visit the Climate Justice Corner at the main library (74 Mackenzie).  It’s your go-to-place to learn, find resources to take action, and connect to community events and efforts.  Find books, DVD’s, activities, community flyers, and more, for all ages.  Explore the collection: part 1, part 2, part 3.

Climate justice recognizes that not everyone is impacted equally by the climate emergency, and supports everyone’s rights, safety, health, homes, and livelihoods as we transition to a low carbon society and adapt to climate impacts. Climate justice addresses the root causes of the climate emergency and supports new regenerative, caring, and reciprocal systems.  There is no climate justice without Indigenous rights and leadership, and without social and racial justice.

Join the journey to climate justice: a journey of learning, care, responsiblity, healing, hope, and connection.

December at the Climate Justice Corner

Project Impact drop-in Sunday, December 10, noon – 2:00pm. Join us at the Climate Justice Corner or in the Facebook group.  Come see some project examples, brainstorm ideas, or get help with your application. Through Project Impact, you can apply for up to $500 in funding for a small grassroots community project that will make a big impact. 

Check out the the December book list, and pick up a great new read at the Climate Justice Corner at the Main Library.