Liveable Community

Sustainable, low carbon, resilient, vibrant, caring and equitable.

Milkweed For Monarchs

Climate ready

Low carbon and climate resilient


Complete and Walkable

You can walk or wheel to the things you need in your community

Sustainable Transportation

Sustainable Transportation

Everyone can get to where they are going safely, conveniently and accessibly, whether they are walking, in a wheelchair or scooter, on a bike, on a bus, or in a private vehicle.


Healthy land, healthy water

Water is life. We all rely on healthy water, air, and soil. We all have a responsibility towards the land.

Local Food

Local food

Healthy food and food security.


Housing for all

A range of good quality affordable housing choices

Create Change

Engaged & Vibrant

Community members work together to make the community better, and have a voice in the decisions that impact them. We are connected to each other and our community. Our community is full of life.

Community art

Caring and equitable

We care for each other in lives of dignity, potential and connection.

Project Impact

Right relationship

We live in right relationship with the land and with each other. We are good treaty partners. We care for each other, the land and water, and all our relations. Here on Anishinaabe territory, Anishinaabe language and culture are honoured and supported, and Anishinaabe values and knowledge guide us.

What is a liveable and sustainable community?

It is low carbon and climate resilient.  Nature, water and farmland are protected. Residents are engaged and have a say in the decisions that affect them. Neighbourhoods are vibrant, complete, and walkable. Active and public transportation is safe, accessible and convenient. There is a range of good quality affordable housing choices. Community members have lives of dignity, purpose and connection.  Green infrastructure, green building design, and green neighbourhood design are the norm.  We  care for each other, the land, the water, and all living things.  We honour the territory on which we live. We are good treaty partners.