Supporting small community projects that make a big difference

Community members pitch their ideas, people pitch in donations, the community votes, and the projects with the most votes get funded.  Doing good things together as a community. To date, the community has funded 48 grassroots community projects!


If you have a great idea about how to improve your community, now’s the time to make it happen!  Community members, neighbours, grassroots community groups, student groups…all can apply for up to $500 in funding for a small grassroots community project that will make a big impact.  Applications will open in October 2023.   Apply button will go to bilingual application form [google form with option to download a word file to send in by email.


Project Impact supports small community projects that make a big impact, and involves residents in positive change where they live. Projects are pitched, chosen and funded by the community.  To date, Project Impact has funded 48 community projects around Greater Sudbury.

Q: What is Project Impact?
A: Project Impact, led by the Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury, supports small community projects that make a big impact, and involves residents in positive change where they live.   Projects are pitched, chosen and funded by the community.

Q: How long has Project Impact been around?
A: Project Impact started in 2015. To date, Project Impact has supported 48 grassroots community projects. 

Q: How does Project Impact work?
A: Individuals, friends, neighbours, schools, or community groups  – ALL community members in Greater Sudbury – can fill out an application for a small community project that they would like to see implemented. Because Project Impact is all about community, the project ideas come from the community and a community vote decides which projects get funded.  The funds also come from donations from the community.

Q: Is my project eligible?
A: Project Impact supports many diverse community-led projects that benefit the community.  Your project may not be eligible if:  the project is situated outside of Greater Sudbury; you are a business or a large institution; the project has a private benefit versus a community benefit; your project/organization has values that run counter to the values and Mission of Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury.

Q: What kinds of projects have been chosen in the past?
A: There are so many different types of projects! They range from: student built birdhouses, planting milkweed for Monarch butterflies, water buggies for community festivals, bike exchanges, planting and harvesting native plants and sweetgrass, mural painting, community gardens, harm reduction, community building events, and much more!

Q: What is the budget for each project?
A: Each community chosen project can request a maximum funding of $500. Funds can be used for small stand-along projects, or for aspects of larger projects for which other resources have already been secured.

Q: How are projects selected?
A: Once applications have closed on January 31, 2024, and applicants have been notified that their projects have been accepted, there will be a community celebration in early March where applicants present and showcase their projects. This is a great way to connect with community. Attendees will vote on what projects they would like to see supported (using a participatory budgeting model). Projects continue to be displayed at the library and online giving community members ~2 weeks to vote.  After voting closes, the number of votes are tallied to determine which projects will receive funding. The number of grants awarded will depend on the results of the vote, the funding required by the winning projects, as well as the total funds secured for Project Impact. Funds are given out in early April, and projects should be completed by November 2024.

Q: What is Participatory Budgeting?
A: Participatory Budgeting is a community driven decision-making process using community funds. Residents of the community are encouraged to become engaged to decide together which projects will receive funding.

Past projects

Project Impact


Growing and harvesting sweetgrass at St. David's School. Will Morin.

Local Food

Flour Mill Community Farm

Starting the Flour Mill Community Farm. David Dubois and Social Planning Council.

Project impact


Hands on nature camp for kids. Junction Creek Stewardship Committee.