Greater Sudbury Safer Sidewalks

How’s the sidewalk? If snow, ice, or other conditions are making it difficult or unsafe for you to get around, make sure to report it to 3-1-1, to help make the sidewalks safer for everyone.

When ice, uneven surfaces, or piles of snow make it difficult or unsafe to get around Sudbury sidewalks make sure to report it, to help make winter sidewalk conditions better for you and for your neighbours.  

If there is a problem spot that is always blocking your way or risking a fall, keep reporting it, and consider putting up a poster so that others having trouble can report as well.

Help others report unsafe sidewalk conditions that make it difficult to get around.

Put up posters at trouble spots to make it easier for people using the sidewalk to report bad conditions.  Share on social media to people and groups that are affected.

Put up posters on on-line or physical message boards.  This could be bulletin boards or Facebook groups for apartment buildings, seniors’ organizations, places of worship, daycares, grocery stores, or any group impacted by winter sidewalk conditions.

  • Download the poster to print in English or FrenchTip: when postering outside (e.g. on hydro poles) wrap packing tape all the way around at the top and bottom, so that the tape is stuck to the tape – this will hold it securely.
  • Download the poster to post on social media in English or French.

Take a picture of sidewalk conditions to share in our “Walk Safe Sudbury-Greater Sudbury Safer Sidewalks” Facebook group.

Together we can show how important winter sidewalk conditions are for our health, our quality of life, and to be able to get where we need to go.  The City of Greater Sudbury is currently undertaking a review of winter sidewalk maintenance, so it an especially important time to let them know what improvements are needed.