Greater Sudbury Safer Sidewalks

Speak up for safe winter sidewalks

On  September 18, 2023, City Council’s Operations Committee voted unanimously in favour of a pilot project THIS WINTER that would add 3 staff for winter sidewalk maintenance to finish any unfinished routes during storms, AND to maintain each route on a continuous basis once per week in between storms, with no tax increase.  This is an important step for safer winter sidewalks, and for continuous sidewalk plowing.  Read the staff report.

We documented winter  sidewalk conditions to evaluate the results of the pilot project.  The results of our survey showed that the pilot project improved winter sidewalk conditions.

Our analysis showed that, overall, the pilot project resulted in acceptable sidewalk conditions for residents who walk, for a high percentage of the time. However, sidewalk maintenance requires further attention to meet the needs of residents who use a mobility device or push a stroller. Further improvements are also needed to provide acceptable sidewalk conditions more quickly after storms and thaw events, and address common barriers (icy conditions, and blocked sidewalks and intersections).


Did the pilot project make it easier for you to get around this winter?  Tell your Mayor and Councillor, and ask to keep the improvements going for next winter.  Find their contact info here.