Apply to become a group member

As a group member of Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury, your organization supports the goal of a sustainable & equitable community, and our Mission Statement and Vision.

Our Mission:  To work towards a more liveable and sustainable community through advocacy, research, action, support and connection.

Our Vision:  Greater Sudbury is a sustainable, resilient, vibrant and equitable community where citizens work together for positive change.

Requests for group membership will be reviewed by the executive. Our group members represent diverse community members, and diverse priorities, goals, and approaches for creating positive change.  Each group is independent. Collaborations and joint statements may be agreed to on a case by case basis. Together we are part of a liveable community for all.

In order to remain accessible to all members, Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury does not charge a membership fee.  However, in lieu of a membership fee, an annual donation  appropriate to the means of each organization is encouraged.   These donations go towards on- going costs such as printing, as well as project costs.