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What we do



  • CLIMATE ACTION: We are working together to achieve net zero for a safe climate.  
  • NEIGHBOURHOOD CLIMATE ACTIVITIES: We are supporting people in taking climate action and connecting in their neighbourhoods.

  • CONVERSATIONS FOR CHANGE:  We are connecting people through conversations on climate justice solutions.


  • ADVOCATE:  We are your voice for a sustainable community.  Our top issues for this term of Council are protecting water and nature, climate changecitizen engagement, and sustainable transportation. They are all connected - to each other and to health and social equity.  Our top issue for this year is climate action.

  • ACT:  We create positive change in our community.  We collaborate on small projects that connect people and make our community more sustainable and engaging.

  • SUPPORT:  We support you in making a difference.  We support you in having a say and taking action.

  • CONNECT:  We connect our local green community.  We connect citizens and community groups to each other, and to information and resources.  We connect decision makers to the information they need to make good decisions.


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