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Water Quality

Healthy land = healthy water

Greater Sudbury is a city of lakes and water.   With over 330 lakes, many rivers and creeks, and an abundance of wetlands, swimming, boating and fishing is a way of life in Greater Sudbury, and all of us rely on safe drinking water sources.  With greater incidents of blue-green algae blooms and beach closures, lake water quality is a top priority and concern for residents.  

To be not only a city of lakes, but a city of clean healthy lakes, we need:

  • Watershed studies - to give us the information we need to make smart decisions about the health of our lakes, waterways and watershed.  Greater Sudbury is currently undertaking its first subwatershed studies.
  • More protective storm water management standards - what goes down the storm drains goes into our water. 
  • Green infrastructure - using nature's tools to keep our water clean and healthy
  • Low Impact Development - absorb rainwater where it falls, reducing run-off, so there is less flooding and less stress on the health of our water. 
  • More natural areas and wetlands in watersheds, especially within 200ft of shorelines. 
  • Implementation and enforcement of the Source Water Protection Plan  - so our drinking water sources are safe and clean
  • To plan for the impact climate change on our lakes, rivers, and floodplains 


Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury advocates for policies and decisions that will protect and improve the health of our lakes waterways and watersheds.  We work with other local water stewards to advocate for positive changes and research best practices.

Our rain barrels and rain gardens project provided information to residents and landscapers on steps we can all take on our property to absorb and filter stormwater before it becomes run-off that can contaminate our lakes and waterways.  We involved students and staff at Adamsdale Public School in building two small rain gardens on their schoolyard in the Ramsey Lake watershed.


Not sure how to get started, or which stewardship groups are in your area?  We can help.





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