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We’ve heard from you that safe cycling on our busiest streets, and protecting the LU trails are community priorities– make sure to submit input and let your councillor know what’s important to you.

The notice of completion has been posted for the Transportation Master Plan, starting a final public comment period.  It affects all of us because we all need to get around our City:  on foot, with a wheelchair or mobility device, on a bike, on the bus, or with our vehicle.  The deadline to provide input has been extended to April 9.

Find the Transportation Master Plan and the on-line comment box to submit your input at this link.

To share your priorities with all of Council, use this e-mail list:

[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected][email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected][email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

You can read our overview of the Transportation Master Plan here

We are strongly recommending:

a)  Safe cycling infrastructure on our busiest streets should be done first – in the short term.  Primary travel corridors should be identified as high priority (short term phasing), stand-alone cycling infrastructure projects.

Specifically we recommend designating the Paris/Notre Dame, Lasalle, Barry Downe, Lorne, Kingsway and Elm corridors as high priority (short term), stand-alone cycling infrastructure projects, with dedicated, separated cycling infrastructure.

Retrofitting our main travel routes with safe cycling infrastructure should be a short term goal for our City -  and that should be laid out in our TMP.   Council has approved permitting retrofitting boulevards appropriately for cycling – let’s make sure we have a plan to so that ASAP in our TMP.

b) The proposed road through the Laurentian University trails should be removed entirely, as directed by Council.  On December 13, 2016, Council passed a motion to remove the proposed road through Conservation Sudbury and Laurentian University trails from the TMP, to protect this cherished trail system and greenspace. Although the TMP refers to this Council resolution, the proposed road has not been removed.  The TMP states that “The South Bay Road extension and improvements to Ramsey Lake Road are recommended for further study through one Environmental Assessment (EA),” and that, among other options, “The recommended road alignment could be the South Bay Road extension.”  The TMP should follow Council direction to protect the legacy of this amazing trail system and natural area by removing this proposed road from the TMP and clearly stating that it will not be included in an Environmental Assessment of transportation options for the area.

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