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We are all responsible for the community we live in.  How can you take action on an issue important to you?

If it is a immediate and focused issue, the first step is to contact those responsible for resolving the issue.

  • For municipal issues, call 3-1-1.  Ask for a file number, so that you can call back and ask for a progress report if needed.   You can also e-mail [email protected]
    Examples of municipal issues are:  transit, snow removal, park maintenance.

If the issue is not resolved, you can ask your Councillor to help.  Copy them on your follow up correspondences regarding the issue.  Keep a record of your correspondences (including dates) and the replies you receive.

If the issue is still not resolved, you can contact local media to bring attention to the issue.

If it is a more fundamental issue, you may need to organize a campaign to work towards change.  Examples include:  changing a by-law or policy or an investment in infrastructure (like bike routes).

  • Connect with other people who share your concern and with groups already working on the issue
  • Understand the current situation
  • Identify the outcome you want and work towards it.  This starts with sharing information.

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Are you planning or attending a protest?  Here are some Canadian resources: Know Your Rights toolkits from the Black Legal Action Centre and from Steps to Justice (Ontario based); and a simple 'know your rights' card that can be handed out to participants, also from Steps to Justice.

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