Snow banks bike lanes


Red bicycles were popping up on snow banks last week.  It was all part of a fun snow bank ‘I spy’ we organized.  But what do snow banks have to do with bicycles, you may be wondering.  Snow banks show us space on our streets that is not being used by motor vehicles – in other words, space that could be put to use in other ways when the snow is gone.  Under each snow bank might be a bike lane in waiting!

Where would you like to be able to cycle safely?  Where does the snow tell you there is room for a bike lane?   #BetYaANickel there are lots of places we need safe bike routes, and lots of potential to create them.

One place snow piles up is on boulevards between the road and the sidewalk.  Changes are on the way to allow boulevards to be retrofitted as cycling routes, where it can be done properly.   If you’d like boulevards on our busiest streets to be evaluated and retrofitted for safe cycling ASAP, put in your 2 cents (or nickel) to the City’s Master Transportation Plan.

Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury has scouted out some potential boulevard bike lanes and captured them in pics.  With the magic of photo shop, Erik Massone is riding these hidden bike lanes on his fat bike.  Check out the pics, and identify where they were taken!  You can see them all:


Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury invites you to ID where Erik is riding, to ID your own ‘hidden bike lanes’ below the snow, to share your pics or stories of spotting bicycles on snow banks last week, and to share your comments and pics of where you would like to be able to bike safely.    Send your photos and comments to Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury via email at [email protected], and be entered in a draw for some mystery prizes to be awarded March 6.

Special thanks to Erik Massone and Cindy O’Neil.


‘Some Family Day fun discovering bike stencils on snow banks’


Photo Credit:  Ernst Gerhardt


‘Red bicycles popped up at busy intersections during morning rush hour all last week’


Photo Credit:  Glenn Murray

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