Here is a list of some basic resources.   We will add to it as things come up- let us know if you’re looking for something, have a suggestion, or a question. 

Local green groups

There are a ton of great community groups doing good work around Greater Sudbury.  Check out Green Connect  to find out who’s doing what when it comes to green issues and community revitalization. 

Land Use Planning

Greater Sudbury’s Official Plan lays out the framework for where development can take place and in what form, transportation and water infrastructure, and if and how nature and water is protected (on top of any provincial or federal rules).  It’s a long but very important policy document.   If you’re having a look, don’t forget the ‘schedules’ – these are the maps and they’re full of information like what’s allowed to be built where, where floodplains and wetlands are, where existing and planned roads are, natural heritage and lots more.

Greater Sudbury is currently reviewing its Official Plan, and public input is part of that – you can follow that here.

Smart Growth is a way of planning our communities at a human scale, where you can meet your daily needs within walking distance, and nature, water, and farmland is protected.  Find out more at Smart Growth Ontario and you can find lots of great relevant articles at City Lab, Spacing Toronto, Active Neighbourhood Canada,  and Strong Towns.


Greater Sudbury is currently reviewing its Transportation Master Plan, and for the first time there are maps of cycling routes. 

Greater Sudbury accepted a Sustainable Mobility Plan in 2010.

City Bus schedules and maps are here.

You can find inspiring resources and articles on sustainable transportation in many places.  Some of our favourites are:  8-80 and Share the Road.

Green Spaces and Trails

Looking for trail maps or organized hikes?  Rainbow Routes Association has them.

Conservation Sudbury also has trail maps and regular outdoor family activities.

The Green Space Advisory Panel  evaluated and mapped out our City’s green spaces, from tot lots to wilderness areas.  You can find maps of parks at the City’s Open Data portal.  


Greater Sudbury has over 330 lakes and many more wetlands. 

Find information (including water quality information) on our lake here 

Find annual lake water quality reports here 

Find lake stewardship committees here 

Watershed studies began in 2016.  Find out more 

You can find drinking water quality reports here 

You can find Greater Sudbury’s Source Protection Plan (protecting our drinking water sources) here 


Find current air quality readings here 

See current SO2 readings from Vale monitoring stations here 

Read Clean Air Sudbury’s 5 year reports on air quality 


Find the Sudbury Soils Study reports, and find the data and maps.  

Local food and farming

Eat Local Sudbury is where you can find local food, and get in touch with local farmers.

Find out about Greater Sudbury’s community gardens here.

Looking for support as a farmer in the North East?  Look here.  

Community Engagement

Join us or have a look through Green Connect for lots of great local groups!

There are some great resources and inspiration for community engagement.  Here are a few:  participatory budgeting, our own Myths and Mirrors Community Arts, Abundant Community, Tamarack, Cities for People, and tons of great books we can’t link to here.


Urban Transformations

Here is a collection of photos from around the world by Urb:I Urban Ideas.

Tactical Urbanism

Guides:  The Interventionist’s Toolkit, Tools for Action.
Some inspiration:  the City Repair Project,  Tactical Urbanism Facebook page

And our own Project Impact.

City Council

Find your councillor and committees of Council, and find out what they had to say about green issues in the last election.

Find agendas, times and minutes  for meeting of Council and committees of Council.  You can also see meetings live-streamed by clicking on the agenda (or re-play the video later).

City of Greater Sudbury’s Strategic Plans  

Open data

Check out the City’s Open Data Portal

First Nations

Atikameksheng Anishnawbek  

Wahnapitae First Nation  

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