Reduce Waste

There are so many benefits to making less garbage, but did you know that reducing carbon emissions was one of them?  It's true - cutting your waste is a climate action.

Sharon Roy took the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee's Plastic Challenge, and shared this picture of one week of waste, which she took to the Terra Cycle drop-off at the Nickel Refillery, to be recycled.

There are lots of helpful resources to tap into.

Check out the City's webpage and handy waste wise app.  

Read the Zero-Waste guide from Plastic-Free Greater Sudbury, and take the pledge to reduce single-use plastics.

Share and get tips, swap or give away items with Zero Waste Sudbury.

Find all things zero-waste, as well as a Terracycle drop off for hard-to-recycle products at the Nickel Refillery.

Get tips for reducing food waste, and rescuing food to get it to those who need it.




Plastic-Free Greater Sudbury offers these 10 tips for how you can easily get started on your journey to zero-waste.

💚 Start simple. Start by simply saying no to items when you can that you don’t need. 

💚 Reduce the amount of products you buy that need packaging. 

💚 Try starting by refilling a dish soap, hand and body soap etc. container at The Nickel Refillery or switch from a plastic to a wooden toothbrush.

💚 Buy local and seasonal food unpackaged when possible. You support farmers and can get unpackaged produce.

💚 Bring a reusable shopping bag to use instead of a plastic grocery bag, this is perhaps the easiest switch!

💚 Bring small fabric bags and containers to shops, to replace plastic produce bags and other packaging.

💚 Make things from scratch - it's an affordable and easy way to reduce waste from pre-packaged food.

Before putting something to the curb, consider whether someone else might need or want it.  Rehome or donate items to give them another life, and do some good.  Swaps are a great way to rehome items and find what you need without buying new.  

Here is a list of places in Sudbury where you can donate or  rehome/swap household and electronic items in good useable condition, but that you no longer need.  Every organization's needs and ability to accept items is currently in a state of flux, so it's always best to reach out to the organization to see what their current needs are and what the process is for getting items to them.

Donate or trade:
-Let’s stick together Sudbury  and Sudbury Mutual Aid Community

-Genevra House, Better Beginnings and Better futuresSudbury Women’s CentrePetsave,  Inner city home of Sudbury, Elgin Street Mission, YMCA (warming centre), Go Give Project.

Rehome or Swap:
-Nickel Refillery (clean jars and containers),  SwapsityFreecyle NetworkBuy Nothing. 

Give away or sell:
-Free or under $50 in Sudbury

-NISA’s Northern Computer Recycling Depot ([email protected] or 705-222-6472 ext. 302), SWANS (Sex Workers Advisory Network Sudbury; often accepts and refurbishes cell phones), Libraries (cell phones), Staples (recycles ink and toner cartridges, household batteries, pens and markers, cellphones, electronic devices), The Electronic Products Recycling Association. 

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