Air-to-air Heat Pump install in my Sudbury home, by Ryan Mariotti

Heating our homes with natural gas is a big contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.  Installing heat pumps is an important action in Greater Sudbury’s Energy and Emissions Plan to achieve net zero by 2050.  In this blog, Ryan Mariotti describes why he and his family installed an air-to-air heat pump in their Sudbury home.

This is what the indoor unit looks like on the wall. Super quiet and very unobtrusive.


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Use less water

Respect and care for water is reason enough to pay attention to how much water you use, but did you know that reducing water also reduces carbon emissions?  That's because treating and pumping water uses energy.

Check out these tips to conserve water from Conservation Sudbury.

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Reduce Waste

There are so many benefits to making less garbage, but did you know that reducing carbon emissions was one of them?  It's true - cutting your waste is a climate action.

Sharon Roy took the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee's Plastic Challenge, and shared this picture of one week of waste, which she took to the Terra Cycle drop-off at the Nickel Refillery, to be recycled.

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Leaving gas behind, my experience.

My name is Dann Kingsley, I’m a car nut, though to be honest I know we come in various shapes and colours.

I was warned by my gearhead friends “Oh we’ll be coming to get you when you run out of charge.”; “You won’t have the range to go anywhere.” And of course “Battery cars don’t work in the cold, not up here in the north.” None of that happened.

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Reduce your heating footprint....and your heating bill

Did you know that heating our homes with methane gas (natural gas) is the second biggest source of emissions in our community? Reducing your home's heating needs is an important way to reduce carbon emissions.

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Getting around town with an electric vehicle

Sudbury artist and teacher Jennifer Holub gets around in a used plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.  She shares her EV experience.

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Lynn Despatie’s bakfiet bicycle is her ‘van,’ transporting kids, groceries, garden supplies and much more.

Lynn Despatie didn’t think a bicycle could be a primary mode of transportation until she became a mother.  She shares the story of how cycling became her main way of getting around.

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Walking and biking are an important part of family life for Olathe and Stephen MacIntyre and their two boys

Olathe MacIntyre chose a family home within walking distance of work, school, downtown and greenspaces to make it easy to use sustainable transportation. 

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Regenerative Agriculture Grows Food and Sequesters Carbon

James and Josee Morin raise their four children and make their livelihood on their family farm, Kipling Ridge Farms, down the highway in Verner.  Using Regenerative Agriculture brings benefits for their farm, their community, and the environment.  James tells us more.

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Food forests grow food, build community, and provide habitat

Food forests grow food, community, habitats, and healthy soil.  Carrie Regenstrief of Sudbury Shared Harvest tells us about Greater Sudbury’s Food Forests.

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