Net Zero Sudbury

The urgency of the climate crisis is growing.  Your actions are needed to avoid the worst climate impacts and to build a better future together.  Help achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions.



We all have a role to play in achieving net zero in Greater Sudbury.

What does net zero mean and what will it look like? Read more. En francais.

We will walk, bike, roll and bus more. Read more. En francais.

We will drive less, and the vehicles we drive will be electric. Read more. En francais.

Meet a local mum getting around by bike, and a local teacher and artist driving an EV.



New homes will be Passive homes: healthy, comfortable, and with a negligible heating bill. Read more. En francais.

Older homes will be retrofit to need much less energy. Read more. En francais.

Get tips.

Visit a local home with a big energy saving retrofit, a local Passive Home, another local Passive Home using strawbale construction, and a Passive House co-housing development in Saskatoon.



We will waste less water. Read more. En francais.  Get tips.

We will create less waste. Read more. En francais.  Get tips.

We will grow and eat more plant-based and local foods. Read more. En francais.

Healthy soil will store carbon. Read more. En francais.

Meet a local farmer capturing carbon in healthy soil, visit a local urban farm and food forest, and find out about our local community garden network.



We will generate green energy on our buildings. Read more.

Our community will have energy security. Read more. En francais.

Visit a downtown home and a local farm powered  by solar energy.


We will plant more trees. Read more. En francais.

We will live in complete communities and build a better future together. Read more. En francais.

Meet a local family choosing to live in a complete community where they can walk and bike.

It's easier to act together!  Talk to your friends, family and neighbours, take the climate pledgeand join our Facebook group.

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