Neighbourhoods Together

Neighbourhoods Together - Quartiers main dans la main is a series of simple, COVID-safe neighbourhood-based activities to connect with your neighbours and do something positive together. Each time your neighbourhood participates in an activity, you will be entered into a draw for a neighbourhood prize to be awarded in summer 2021!

JUNE 2021: Pollinator Pursuit

Discover your neighbourhood through a bee’s-eye view, or create a new neighbourhood for butterflies and bees.

There are two ways to take part.

1) Keep an eye out for bees and butterflies as you explore your neighbourhood.  Where do you see them?  What type of plants and flowers do they like?  Take some pictures!

2) Plant a pollinator plant to give birds and butterflies a new place to stop!  Whether you add one plant or a whole pollinator garden, get lots of information from the Sudbury Community Garden Network’s ‘Greater Sudbury Pollinator Project’.  You can even put your pollinator garden on the map!

Whichever way you take part, be sure to share some pictures, anytime in June.  E-mail [email protected] with a picture, or post on social media with the hashtag #NeighbourhoodsTogether, and your neighbourhood location.  Posts can be made on twitter or Instagram, on in the Project Impact Sudbury Facebook group. You can also use the the hashtags #butterflyway #pollinatorgardens #pollinatesudbury. Let’s show how bee-friendly our neighbourhoods are and support even more pollinators in our community.

Find out more about pollinators here and here.



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