Neighbourhoods Together

Neighbourhoods Together - Quartiers main dans la main is a series of simple, COVID-safe neighbourhood-based activities to connect with your neighbours and do something positive together. Each time your neighbourhood participates in an activity, you will be entered into a draw for a neighbourhood prize to be awarded in summer 2021!

APRIL 2021: Plalk Around the Block

Give some love to your neighbourhood and our planet with an Earth Month Clean-up!

This Earth month, hold a plalk with your household and make some art from trash. A Plalk is simply Picking Up Litter as you walk, hike, or run. With spring arriving and the snow melting, we are starting to see signs of litter left during the winter months. April is Earth Month, so this is a great time to show our neighbourhoods and our planet some love, and clean-up what’s been left behind.  Then re-think waste, tap into your creativity, and turn some of these discarded items into art. 

1) Pick a date to do your Plalk, invite your household or bubble, and gather your gear (gloves and/or tongs and separate bags for trash and recycling).  

2) Choose your route (a neighbourhood street, park, or trail), and clean up as you walk, hike or run. Please do not attempt to pick up any needles you may come across. Call 311 to have them removed safely.

3) Get creative, and see what kind of art you can make with what you’ve collected!

4) Finally…..Take a picture or shoot a video, and post it to social media with the #neighbourhoodstogether hashtag, or email it to [email protected] and/or [email protected]. Please let us know where you're holding your clean-up! Posts can be made on twitter or Instagram, on in the Project Impact Sudbury Facebook group. Myths and Mirrors will make a special video featuring everyone's art in time for Earth Day!


Thank you to Myths and Mirrors Community Arts for collaborating on this project with their amazing creativity.

Make a special clean-up this April: help clean up along Junction Creek Nibi Nikwejiwong to show care for the creek and to help prepare for an Anishinaabe Ceremonial Water Walk that will be held May 5th to 9th.  Sign up here to volunteer to clean up the creek and receive teachings about the Water Walk.  Connect to ‘Enji-Tibew’eseng Nibi Nikwejiwong: Junction Creek Water Walk’ on social media here.  Tasha Beeds, mentored by Biidaasige-ba/Josephine-ba Mandamin, is the lead Water Walker.


Watch for more activities!

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