Neighbourhoods Together

Neighbourhoods Together - Quartiers main dans la main is a series of simple, COVID-safe neighbourhood-based activities to connect with your neighbours and do something positive together. Each time your neighbourhood participates in an activity, you will be entered into a draw for a neighbourhood prize to be awarded in summer 2021!

DECEMBER 2020: Tiny Treasures

Touch a neighbour with tiny treasures.  This holiday season, many people may be missing family and feeling the impacts of isolation more keenly. A simple gesture can help your neighbours feel less alone.

1) With simple materials from around your home, make decorations or kind messages.

2) Walk around your neighbourhood and hang your tiny treasures on neighbours’ trees, mailboxes, or front doorknobs.  Make a special effort for neighbours who live alone, or especially need a bit of extra kindness.

3) If you like, share some pictures of your good deeds, anytime in December.  E-mail with a picture, and the identity of your neighbourhood.   Or, post on social media with the hashtag #NeighbourhoodsTogether, and identify your neighbourhood (e.g. street or neighbourhood name).  Posts can be made on twitter or Instagram, on in the Project Impact Sudbury Facebook group. Sharing your pictures will help lift spirits, inspire others, and your neighbourhood will be entered into a draw for a fun neighbourhood prize to be awarded next summer.



Watch for more activities!

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