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Natural Environment

A healthy natural environment means healthy people and resilient communities.

Nature is a part of our northern life way of life.  We who live in Greater Sudbury have a special appreciation of nature, due to over three decades of reclamation and regreening efforts. The continued need for reclamation of barren lands damaged by historic mining and smelting, and the awareness of the effort behind the natural beauty so enjoyed today brings a special appreciation and responsibility of stewardship

To protect our natural environment, we need to:

  • Protect locally significant areas - the natural areas we value as part of our home landscape, sensitive ecologies and unique habitats.  
  • Protect high priority green spaces as parkland -  green spaces identified by the Green Space Advisory Panel (2010, 2013 reports) with the help of the community.
  • Designate a Natural Heritage System - to protect our natural ecosystem as an interconnected web of life.


Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury advocates for these measures and provides information on best practices to Council and the City.  We collaborate with other stewards, and support residents in re-greening and adding to biodiversity, and in being a voice for nature.  We advocate for land use planning that protects our health and the health of our environment.

We advocated successfully for a Green Space Advisory Panel to Council.  During their two terms, they inventoried Greater Sudbury's green spaces, and did good work to make parkland and nature more accessible to residents, protect important natural areas as parkland, and identify gaps in park needs and green spaces still in need of protection.


  • Join us in showing your support for nature and a healthy natural environment
  • Join a local stewardship group, join the Earth Crew to take part in hands on action, or get together with friends, neighbours, your school or community group to plant native trees and shrubs, plant gardens that support local birds and pollinators, or take care of a local trail, creek, or wetland.

Not sure how to get started, and which community groups are in your area?  We can help.



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