Protecting the LU greenspace and trails. Give your input to the management plan.

Protecting the LU greenspace

The LU greenspace is over 200 hectares of natural area between Lakes Ramsey, Nepahwin, Laurentian, and encompassing Bennett Lake.  Included in the greenspace are Laurentian Beach, the Laurentian Nordic ski trails, and many favourite hiking trails & viewpoints, including part of the 10km hike around Lake Laurentian and the Trans Canada Trail.

Laurentian University’s insolvency in 2021 put the LU greenspace at risk of being sold.  However, after more than two years of community effort, on June 8, 2023, LU announced that the LU greenspace and trails will not be sold, stating: “The University will retain ownership of all other lands and will seek to strengthen partnerships with the community for the ongoing use and enjoyment of Laurentian’s natural spaces. The University seeks to ensure continued public access to the trail networks and green space.”

The student-led LU Sustainability Committee is creating a management plan for the LU greenspace.  Share what is important to you, to inform the management plan, to best protect the LU greenspace for all of us.  There will also be an opportunity to give feedback on a draft management plan in the fall.

Fill in the survey by July 30, 2024.  

Nature Walk in the LU greenspace, Wednesday, July 17, 6pm.  Meet some of the plants in the LU greenspace, and make a special visit to the new LU Greenspace Experimental Peatland Restoration sites.  Share what’s important to you to help shape the LU greenspace management plan. Co-hosted with Rainbow Routes.  Register here.
LU Greenspace Management Plan Community drop-in, July 24, 5:30-8:00pm.   Please sign up below to register for the community drop-in.

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