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Local Food

A sustainable community eats and grows local food

Locally and sustainably grown food adds to local food security.  It reduces the footprint of the food we eat, while connecting us to the way our food is grown.  Check out a list of local food sources here and a map of producers here.  Also check out EarthCare's Food Access map, and Community Garden map. Be sure to check out all the information and resources from the Sudbury Community Garden Network.


Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury supports local food initiatives that help us grow, store and eat our own food.  We support local farmers and local community gardens.  We advocate for land use planning and policies that protects farm land for local farms, and supports urban agriculture.


  • Join us in supporting local food.
  • Buy local food.  Find out where here.  You can also buy local food directly from a local farmer or at the Market.
  • Grow food at home or with a community garden.  Share and trade with neighbours.
  • Store the local harvest.


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