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What is a liveable and sustainable community?  It is net zero and demonstrates Smart Growth principles: the natural environment and our farmland are protected; residents are engaged; neighbourhoods are revitalized, communities are vibrant, complete, and walkable; active transportation is safe and convenient; there is a range of good quality affordable housing choices; green infrastructure, green building design, and green neighbourhood design are the norm.

  • COMPLETE AND WALKABLE:  You can walk to the things  you need in your community
  • SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORTATION:  Everyone should be able to get to where they are going safely, conveniently and accessibly, whether they are walking, in a wheelchair or scooter, on a bike, on a bus, or in a private vehicle.

  • WATER QUALITY:  Water is life!  We need to protect the health of our lakes, rivers, creeks and wetlands.

  • A HEALTHY NATURAL ENVIRONMENT:  We all rely on healthy water, air, and soil.  We need our natural spaces, and they need our protection. 

  • LOCAL FOOD:  Local food is healthy and adds to food security.  Let’s support our local farmers, and people growing their own food at home or in community gardens.

  • CITIZEN ENGAGEMENT:  Collectively, we make our community a better place.  Let’s support people working to make the community better, and give people a voice in the municipal decisions that shape our city.

  • TAKING ACTION TO REDUCE CARBON EMISSIONS AND BE RESILIENT IN THE FACE OF CLIMATE CHANGE:  As a community and as individuals we must do our part to avoid the worst impacts of the climate emergency by reducing our carbon emissions to net zero, and by taking steps to make our natural and built environments more resilient to changes such as increased number and severity of storms, increased flooding and fire risks, and impacts on human and ecological health and water quality.
  • CARING AND EQUITABLE:  All people deserve to thrive and live with dignity in our community.  Find links to local crisis supports here, and alternatives to calling the police here.


Here's what Sudburians have to say about their liveable community.

Have a look at a local neighbourhood, and what makes it sustainable.


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