Reduce your heating footprint....and your heating bill

Did you know that heating our homes with methane gas (natural gas) is the second biggest source of emissions in our community? Reducing your home's heating needs is an important way to reduce carbon emissions.

Seal drafts & insulate; turn down the heat; use less hot water; upgrade your heating system. What steps have you or your landlord taken to shrink your heating carbon footprint? What would make it easier to do more?



Sudbury's plan to reach net zero includes existing homes using 50% less energy by 2040. Make a plan to do your part, or talk with your landlord about their plan if you can.  If you live in an older home, installing a smart thermostat, sealing around windows and doors, and replacing your old furnace might easily add up to 50% energy savings.

There are some programs to help with energy efficiency retrofits. If you heat with gas, you can get:
-up to $5000 in rebates 
-FREE retrofits if your house was built before 1980, you heat with gas, and you meet the income threshold.
Know of other programs?  Let us know!

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