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create change

Have you ever had a great idea of what would make your neighbourhood better?

Maybe you'd love a little free library where you can swap books with neighbours.  Maybe there's a need for benches where parents and grandparents can chat while the kids play.  Maybe you'd like to get the neighbourhood together with a block party or some street hockey.  Maybe there's the perfect spot to brighten with a mural.  Maybe you wish there were more trees or a community garden.

We can all make positive change where we live!

Get together with friends and neighbours to talk about what you'd like to do.  Start with a simple project and have fun!
Find a Community Action Network or other community group in your neighbourhood, and join in.  Team up with a school or youth group.

All over Greater Sudbury, people are getting together and making good things happen.

Find inspiration and resources at Project Impact.

Not sure who to connect with or how to get started?  Contact us.

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