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We advocate for the policies and decisions that will make our community more sustainable.  Our vision is that sustainability and engagement becomes 'business as usual' in Greater Sudbury.

During this term of Council, our main focus for advocacy is:

  • CLIMATE CHANGE:  Taking action to do what is necessary to reduce carbon emissions and be resilient in the face of climate change.
  • CITIZEN ENGAGEMENT:  Giving all of us a meaningful voice in our community, easy access to information about our municipal government, and support in making positive change where we live.
  • SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORTATION:  Making it safe and convenient for all of us to get around our city, whether on foot, on a bicycle, with a wheelchair or scooter, on the bus, or in our motor vehicle. 
  • WATER and NATURE: Protecting the lakes and rivers that are the lifeblood of nature, and on which we depend for drinking water, boating, swimming, and enjoyment. Protecting our watersheds and greenspaces.  Parks for people.

We chose these topics because they require timely action, and are top of mind for local citizens and community groups.  Healthy people, healthy environment, climate change, an equitable society - it's all connected.

This year, our top issue is climate action.

We provide comments on polices and development applications to support a sustainable community.  For example, we advocate for: real climate action; meaningful citizen engagement; sidewalks, bike routes and transit; protecting wetlands and natural heritage; keeping development out of floodplains; keeping rural land viable for farming; and being smart about where growth is directed.


You can make a difference.  Share your care for these issues:

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When we act together, we can make change happen.

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