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In bloom
Side afterside in bloom Side Rain Garden

Learn more about capturing, slowing and cleaning rainwater, click HERE.

Here is a list of the native plants we used in our rain garden. Here are more.

For more info about what you and your school can do, click HERE.

For our press release, click HERE.

Many thanks to the students and staff at Adamsdale School for helping us build the rain gardens.
Thanks also to the volunteers from the community and from the Sudbury Horticultural Society and Master Gardeners. Many thanks to Planet Earth Organic Landscaping and Gardening for their hard work and soil donation as well as to Jennifer Harvey, Landscape Architect, for steering us in the right direction.
The rain gardens couldn't have been build without the financial assistance from the
TD Friends of the Environment Foundation and the RBC Blue Water Grant.
Thanks also for contributions from the Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance, Councilor Terry Kett's HCI funds, the Sudbury Horticultural Society, the Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee and to everyone who purchased a rain barrel at our sale!

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