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What we do



  • WALK SUDBURY:  Mapping routes and putting up wayfinding signs to encourage walking, with our volunteers and community partners.

  • TACTICAL URBANISM:  We're carrying out small, fun interventions that make our community a bit more liveable, and make people think too.  Our first project was '50 things to do before you're twelve' banners along trails and walking routes!  Check out some pics.

  • STRENGTHENING COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT:  Organizing community discussions, and researching and testing best practices for engaging people in making a difference.

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  • ADVOCATE:  We are your voice for a sustainable community.  Our top issues for this term of Council are water quality, sustainable transportation, and citizen engagement.

  • ACT:  We create positive change in our community.  We collaborate on small projects that connect people and make our community more sustainable and engaging.

  • SUPPORT:  We support you in making a difference.  We support you in having a say and taking action.

  • CONNECT:  We connect our local green community.  We connect citizens and community groups to each other, and to information and resources.  We connect decision makers to the information they need to make good decisions.


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