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Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury

Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury is a grassroots volunteer group of citizens and community groups who share a vision of Sudbury as a green, healthy and engaged community.


Promoting the use of greener vehicles in Greater Sudbury. Including: hybrids, PHEV, BEV, EV vehicles, green vehicle parking and EV charging stations.

Friends of Sudbury Transit

Friends of Sudbury Transit is a volunteer, grassroots group of transit users in Greater Sudbury.

Rainbow Routes Association

Rainbow Routes Association is a not-for-profit and registered charity, directed by a volunteer board.

Sudbury Cycles

Sudbury Cycles is a collaborative of several organizations in the City of Greater Sudbury.

Sudbury Cyclists Union

The Sudbury Cyclists Union is a volunteer grassroots organization whose main focus is to provide a strong unified voice for cyclists and to facilitate a better urban cycling culture in the City of Greater Sudbury. Their aim is to make cycling safe, accessible, and fun for cyclists of all ages and ability.

Sustainable Mobility Advisory Panel

The Sustainable Mobility Advisory Panel is an Advisory Panel to City Council on sustainable mobility.

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