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What is a liveable and sustainable community?  It demonstrates Smart Growth principles: the natural environment and our farmland are protected; residents are engaged; neighbourhoods are revitalized, communities are vibrant, complete, and walkable; active transportation is safe and convenient; there is a range of good quality affordable housing choices; green infrastructure, green building design, and green neighbourhood design are the norm.

  • COMPLETE AND WALKABLE:  you can walk to the things  you need in your community
  • SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORTATION:  everyone should be able to get to where they are going safely, conveniently and accessibly, whether they are walking, in a wheelchair or scooter, on a bike, on a bus, or in a private vehicle.

  • WATER QUALITY:  water is life!  We need to protect the health of our lakes, rivers, creeks and wetlands, and minimize the impact of development on our watersheds.

  • A HEALTHY NATURAL ENVIRONMENT:  we all rely on healthy water, air, and soil.  We need our natural spaces, and they need our protection. 

  • LOCAL FOOD:  local food is healthy and adds to food security.  Let’s support our local farmers, and people growing their own food at home or in community gardens.

  • CITIZEN ENGAGEMENT:  collectively, we make our community a better place.  Let’s support people working to make the community better, and give people a voice in the municipal decisions that shape our city.


Here's what Sudburians have to say about their liveable community.

Have a look at a local neighbourhood, and what makes it sustainable.


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